They Promised It Would Be Easy...

From The Desk Of Dr. Bob Clarke...

They said it would be easy. They promised you could build your new business in your spare time, whenever you felt like it. They pronounced in BIG, bold letters that you could FIRE YOUR BOSS.

They lied.

Well, maybe they didn’t outright lie, but they certainly failed to tell you the whole truth. My name is Dr. Bob Clarke and I’ve been helping Part Time entrepreneurs grow their businesses for over 4 years.BC pic from Top Earner Mastermind 2015 I’m uniquely qualified in this sense.... because I’m one of you! I’m a full time Healthcare Professional and build my home business “on the side”, rather successfully, I might add. Over these past four years, I've also...

  • Won an all expenses paid Caribbean vacation from my recruiting efforts
  • Placed in the top 10 of major affiliate contests
  • Heck, I even won an award this year at the No Excuses Summit live event, for being one of the top affiliates...

But this isn't about me... This is about how I can show you how to accomplish your dreams and goals.

I’m here to help YOU!

You’re here because either you’re struggling to build your business Part Time… Or you’ve just begun and your unsure what to do first.


I’ve got your back. I remember what it felt like when I was just starting. I felt alone and confused. And I certainly remember the times of struggle, when I wondered if I’d ever be able to figure it out. I’ve been there, so I get it. Here’s one thing I’ve learned from working with hundreds of Part Time Marketers over the years…

Our struggle always starts with TIME.

There never seems to be enough of it. Whether you work a conventional job, you’re busy running a household and keeping your kids happy and safe, or you’re the primary caregiver for your elderly parents (who gave you so much when you were growing up…) You’re busy. I totally get it.

Time is a problem.

...And adding the demands of building a home business can make you feel overwhelmed and even stuck.

I’ve got good news.

By necessity, I’ve become an expert in mastering time to grow my business. I’ve learned how to carve out business time in my day that I never knew existed. I figured out when it makes sense to multi-task and when it can totally derail your business. And I’ve basically eliminated time pressure and guilt from my day by understanding and implementing a few simple principles. And today…

I want to show you how YOU can do the same.

The bottom line is… Until you get a handle on your time… Until you figure out how to treat time as your ALLY rather than the enemy... Your business doesn’t have a chance. YOU don’t have a chance. Your dreams of living a life of freedom and having it all will remain unfulfilled. That’s how important TIME is to your business. After all, it doesn’t matter how much you learn or how good you are if you don’t have the time to do anything, right?


The Part Time Abundance Plan

This is a course I’ve put together with just YOU in mind.

In it, I’ve placed every tip, strategy and secret I know to help you master your time and start building that business of your dreams.

In the Part Time Abundance Plan, you’ll discover:

  • The single biggest waste of time for most marketers – 95% fall into this trap!
  • My simple formula for taking back your time, understanding where you’re wasting it and doubling (or even 3x) your productivity.
  • 13 Time Hacks to help you add more business time to your day and leverage your time effectively.
  • Why you need to abandon the concept of trying to balance your time, and what to do instead if you want your life to change dramatically.
  • 3 online productivity tools that will help you stay more focused and get more results.
  • The best way to use Goals and Lists for maximum productivity and growth… and where most Part Timers get it wrong.
  •  And much, much more.

While there’s an abundance of useful, easy-to-implement time strategies in the Part Time Abundance Plan…

It’s THAT powerful!

  • The Part Time Abundance Plan contains 5 videos (and counting), audio downloads, Action Plans and Worksheets, and a soon to be released…
  • Outsourcing Webinar with my top tips for finding the best outsourcers for your business.

And when you invest in the Part Time Abundance Plan, YOU are invited!

Now, you might think that a course like this would cost hundreds of dollars. After all, it cost me about 10x that much to acquire all the knowledge that I’ve put into the Part Time Abundance Plan.

But it won’t cost you hundreds…

In fact, when you ACT NOW, you won't even pay $100..

... Not even $50...

Today ONLY, I’m offering you the chance to invest in the Part Time Abundance Plan for one-easy payment of…



Why did I make it so inexpensive when I could have easily asked for 3x this investment?

It’s simple…

I want to ensure everyone can afford to get access to this information.

I believe in my heart that the strategies inside the Part Time Abundance Plan will help you get out of your struggles and into the process of growing a successful business.


FIRING YOUR BOSS, if that’s one of your goals.

You see, I find that most Part Time marketers fail because they never get past the obstacle of TIME.

They never figure out how to leverage the time they have to get results and move forward. Instead… They stay stuck in neutral. They feel pressured with everything they have to do. And they feel guilty for not doing it all. Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you need the Part Time Abundance Plan.

And you need it NOW!

It’s time for you to take action…

Hit the Add To Cart button and in mere minutes…

You can be digesting the first lesson in the Part Time Abundance Plan.

It’s that simple.

You can start right away gaining from my experiences and learning from my mistakes… You can begin the process of making time work FOR you rather than against you. It’s that easy.

Hit the Add to Cart button now and I’ll see you inside the Part Time Abundance Plan!

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