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Discover How To Build Your Business In Just 2 Hours/Day Doing A Few Simple Things.... Without Overwhelm Or Having To Sacrifice Time With Your Family And Friends!

Introducing The Part Time Business Blueprint!

Christina Ervin

All I can say is WOW!   Thank you so much for this course Bob! In this space where we are all told it is easy to build a business part time, it is so perfect that you have provided an easy to follow blueprint to "how" building part time can be done successfully. The first two modules alone are worth the investment. The best part is that the course is structured perfectly for a part time schedule...short modules packed with info that allows you to consume in batches so that you can quickly implement.

Christina Ervin

To:  The Struggling Part-Time Marketers

From the Desk of Dr. Bob Clarke (Cresskill, NJ)

Have you had enough of all those “Fire Your Boss” ads?    Sick and tired of hearing that you just don’t WANT it bad enough if you’re still Part Time?

Me, too.  My name’s Dr. Bob Clarke (my friends call me Dr. Bob) and I totally get your frustration.  I’ve been building my home business for a few years now and, to be honest, the first 2 years I had NO idea what to do.  I’d come home from my job at the hospital, sit down at my computer and literally STARE at the computer screen, wondering how best to use my limited time.

Or worse, I’d find myself jumping on every webinar of the week, only because I really didn’t know what else to do for my business.

My mindset was a mess, I had no plan and when I finally did have a block of time to work on my business, I’d totally waste the opportunity.

Any of this ring a bell?  If so, I’ve got some help.

I created The Part Time Business Blueprint specifically for struggling marketers who are are building their business “on the side”.  If your time is limited, either because of a traditional job, a house full of kids, taking care of your aging parents and anything in between, this information will help you break through.

It addresses the “Part Time Mindset” that stops so many of us in our tracks.  It gives you a variety of ways to create MORE TIME for your business, even when you don’t think you have a second to spare.

And finally, the PTBB gives you a simple, step-by-step guide for what you need to be doing every day to build a strong, profitable business for years to come, whether you’re a Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Content Marketer, Coach, etc.

No more sitting down at your computer hoping something inspires you.  You’ll now have a Blueprint for Success right at your fingertips... and it’s all geared towards building a business Part Time.

Mark Watkins

I think one of the big values on this course so far is making it OK to be doing this part-time. It is easy to compare yourself with others who are rocking it full-time and to get down on yourself. It may take me a little longer to get there but by managing my time (big part of this course) and taking the right smart effective actions I will build momentum. Having you show us how you have made it work has been awesome!

Mark Watkins
Tracey Hausel

Bob has been my go to person for part-time resources for a few years. He knows all of the tips and tricks to make running a business easier for a part-timer. And as a school psychologist I love who he has taken the three major learning styles into consideration. He's got video, audio, and written versions of all of his modules. He also tries to keep the material short which is great for those with ADHD or learning issues. If you want to learn all there is about working part-time in a business, you really need to pick up this product.

Tracey Hausel

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Inside The Part Time Business Blueprint...


One of the toughest nuts to crack for Part Time Marketers is MINDSET.  More than anything else, your thoughts and beliefs can destroy your business if you aren't prepared...

  • 5 self-limiting thoughts that will stop your from getting the results you deserve.
  • How your thoughts dictate your results and how to transform your thoughts for maximum effect.
  • Essential mindset shifts your MUST make when your work a traditional job.
  • Why fears can be so debilitating and how to break through what's stopping you!


Time is the Part Time Marketer's most precious resource.  If you're super busy and you can't master your time, your business will never take off!

  • 4 ways to "buy" more time in your day!
  • Why free is almost always the most expensive option
  • How to identify costly productivity leaks and repurpose this time for maximum results
  • 13 time hacks for expanding the time you have for your part time business


Whether you're Full Time or Part Time in your business, you need to be able to find people to talk to.  Having an abundance of people to talk to about your business is crucial for your success!

  • How to simply and easily include people into your online world without fear of rejection
  • How to find people with common interests and goals using social media
  • When and how to bring up your business to new contacts


You need to be building your list -- not someone else's.  Your company can close their doors tomorrow and if you don't have a list, you won't have a business.

  • The nuts and bolts of building your list, your most precious business asset!
  • 2 most important questions to ask when developing a lead magnet for building your list
  • 5 killer ways to deploy your lead magnet anyone can use!
  • Answers to your most common list building questions, including "What do I say?"


If you want to win in this "game" of a home business, you need to be creating value to help others who are struggling.  It's easier than it sounds, and soon you'll be looked at as an authority in your niche!

  • How to create content fast to attract others to you like bees to honey
  • 13 killer ideas for creating compelling content that you audience will love
  • Where to share your content for maximum exposure


The money is NOT in the list as you may have been told.  The money is in the RELATIONSHIP you have with your list.  Module 6 is all about writing emails that build trust, help others and ultimately make you money!

  • The simplest and fastest way to find out what your list wants and needs, and how you can best help.
  • How to romance your list to build maximum trust.
  • How to write killer headlines to explode your open rate.
  • My exact blueprint for writing emails that pull profits!



  • Fitting together all the pieces of the Part Time Success Puzzle for maximum results.
  • My simple Daily Method of Operation for Part Time business growth!
  • How to know if the Part Time Blueprint is working for you and how fast you can expect results.



You also get access to...

The Part Time Business Blueprint Private Closed Door Mastermind

($297 value)

  • Answers to All Your Questions - post any question and I or one of our more experienced members will answer quickly so you can move forward.
  • Keep Accountable - keep motivated and stick to your plan!  You may even find people within our group who will act as your accountability partners to keep you on track!
  • Feedback and Support - being a member of our private group means you have a place to get feedback on your marketing content and support when things aren't going as planned.  Our members will boost you up so you can get on with the process of building your dream business.

PTBB Fast Start Action Guides  

($197 value)

  • Each PTBB module contains a Fast Start Action Guide.
  • Gets you into ACTION so you can implement what you learn!
  • Organized in bite sized chunks so you can get Results FAST!
Abdul Waheed

Having known Bob for over 3 years and seeing the phenomenal marketer he is I was excited to get my hands on his new product and dig in, after 14 years in the industry as a network marketer myself I can relate to so much that Bob have covered in his course and how so many marketers struggle to make heads and tails of their business failure and success.

Well the thing your going to love about Bob's course is how absolutely simple it is to follow with the audio's and PDF action plans, anyone can do it.

Lot of golden nuggets and well worth the price twice over. My advice get in get busy and start getting results!

Abdul Waheed

When you say “YES” to the Part Time Business Blueprint, You’ll Discover...

  • The 4 actions you should be taking to build your business every day... so you’ll never sit blankly and clueless in front of your computer ever again.
  • Why your thoughts and beliefs about being a Part Timer are holding you back... and how to transform those thoughts into empowering beliefs that will get results.
  • 13 simple and easy hacks for MASTERING Your TIME, so you’ll be able to complete your daily business routine with time to spare!
  • How to simply, naturally and easily find people to grow your audience and add to your list without feeling like a slimy salesperson.
  • How to easily create compelling content ON DEMAND that will have your audience begging for more.
  • And much more!

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imagesFast Action Bonus #1  ($179 value)

Diane Hochman:  Secrets of Attraction Marketing

In this 30 minute bootleg interview, Diane Hochman, The Queen of Attraction Marketing reveals exactly what Attraction Marketing REALLY is, and how YOU can start leveraging the Law of Attraction in your Part Time Business starting today!

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Ray Higdon: Part Time Recruiting Strategies for Part Timers

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Fast Traffic Bonus: Ramp Up Your List Building With Facebook Advertising

Facebook marketing ninja Nick Haubner spills all his traffic-generation secrets in this value-packed bonus.  Nick takes you behind the scenes of his marketing campaigns to show you exactly how YOU can super-charge your lead generation at a very reasonable cost.

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PTBB Monthly Mastermind

Once a month, you're invited to an exclusive Mastermind just for customers of the Part Time Business Blueprint.  On this training, you'll learn advanced strategies in traffic and lead generation and get all your questions answered!  All calls will be recorded and you'll have LIFETIME access to the complete training library!

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Coach!

Vanessa Duplessie, "The Coach's Coach" spills her secrets for finding the right coach for you, what to look for in a coach and how to get the most out of your coaching experience!

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Part Time Business Blueprint Audio Recordings

Take your PTBB training on the road!  Listen to the audio recordings of all PTBB trainings on your phone or other device, so you can use your time efficiently and get results faster!

That's $1060 In Bonuses Alone!

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